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What is is a service that delivers guaranteed paid for appointments into your unused and available appointment slots in real-time. There are no upfront costs. You can sign-up and sync your clinic calendar for free. When a customer books through our platform we pre-authorise their card payment, so even if they do not show up to a scheduled appointment they booked with your clinic – the clinic and practitioners still get paid.

Appointments sync'd with your calendar is currently integrated into 4 practice management platforms and or calendar applications as follows:


  • Google Calendar

  • iCal

  • Google Calendar

Syncing your calendar with is simple and quick. Before syncing your calendar, you must first setup your account - we can help you with that if required. You can request a demo by clicking here.

Therapy Types

Initially, are launching targeting 6 Allied Health therapy types. These include the following:

  • Chiropractor's

  • Podiatrist's

  • Dietitian's

  • Physiotherapist's

  • Osteopath's

  • Remedial Massage Therapist's

However, does intend to be providing services to both GP's and Dentists in the near futures as well.

Verified by AHPRA

Health practitioners first need to verify their qualifications by inputting your AHPRA number. This ensures we only have properly registered and qualified allied health professionals within the platform. Once your AHPRA number has been verified and you have chosen the account type that best works for your practice, pulls relevant address and contact information from the AHPRA database and pre-populates that information.


Our integrations with relevant calendar services and practice management platforms enable to pull through all relevant data into your account to make setting up your account quicker and hassle free. This way you can be setup and start accepting new appointments into available slots in your clinic immediately.

Your data, your privacy has a strict data policy which is reflected in our privacy policy and terms and conditions – “We will NEVER sell your data to third parties under any circumstance whatsoever”.


To deliver payment security for appointments booked for clinics and practitioners pre-authorises payment at point of patient booking. This ensures if a patient cancel's or reschedules outside of your set terms as a practitioner or clinic you are still protected and will get paid. pays through each booked appointment every 24 hours.

Get guaranteed paid upfront
appointment bookings

GoWell delivers booked and guaranteed paid for appointments into your practice management software with no up-front costs and a business model that is 80% cheaper than any others currently in the market.

There are no upfront costs with GoWell and you are only charged if we deliver a guaranteed paid for appointment into an unused slot in your practice management system. It is as simple as a click and sync of your PMS diary with GoWell. You can then set and forget and watch your practice’s efficiency increase.

Our payment gateway is built on the backbone of the Global Mastercard Gateway. This enables us to also calculate and process medicare rebates and health insurance gap payments at point of transaction.

If you would like to be notified when we launch please fill in the details in the form on the left and we will reach out to you in Q1 2021.

GoWell has a strict data policy which is reflected in our privacy policy and terms and conditions – “We will NEVER sell your practice or patient data to third parties under any circumstance whatsoever”.

GoWell Benefits for your clinic:

Reach new patients

service on demand is disrupting industries across the globe and health is no different

Fill last minute openings

research shows the majority of cancellations and reschedules occur
1-72 hours before the scheduled appointment

Peace of mind

customers book and pay up front prior to the appointment, you get paid minutes after the booked appointment ends

Strengthen your reputation

get verified reviews from real patients and build your clinics reputation


automate your clinic reminders via SMS to drive down appointment no-shows

Patient onboarding

receive new patient data direct into your PMS platform at point of booking

The therapy types GoWell will enable bookings through our platform at launch include the following:







Remedial Massage Therapists